Download the Falcon Strike Installation Guide

World’s Best Recoil Pad!

The Falcon Strike is more than your average recoil pad – it contains a highly perfected E.C.S. (Energy Conversion System) Hydraulic Damper which converts up to 94% of the recoil energy transmitted through it into heat.

That means you get 35% less total energy than with any known rubber-only recoil converter.

Thanks to the groundbreaking discovery of the Gaudet Compensating Damper, we can now mount a hydraulic damper directly into a recoil converter. This Hydraulic Damper aggressively removes energy from each recoil event, so your body doesn’t have to.

The Falcon Strike is a standard length unit, so grip length remains unchanged. Not only does the Falcon Strike reduce the total energy dramatically, it also changes forever how you shoot guns.

By lowering the energy input below the stun-time trigger point, you shoot faster, with more confidence and best of all, with more accuracy!

Manufactured High performance rubber selected specifically for elasticity, mechanical strength, UV and Ozone stability. The aluminum plate is made from 6061 Aircraft Grade aluminum. The Falcon Strike Recoil Converter is designed to replace the existing recoil pad on your specific firearm.

Our manufacturing flexibility also allows us to create custom recoil converters for your specific firearm needs. Using aviation calibration precision we measure each stock to within .0010 of an inch tolerances.

The Falcon Strike Recoil Converter with E.C.S. Technology has been designed to last and tested to perform. In today’s marketplace there are more products, fiercer competitors, and a growing number of marketing claims trying to sway buying decisions.

You don’t just want a recoil pad you can depend on, you want one that makes you forget it’s even there!

The Falcon Strike has been tested and validated to rigorous specifications in our laboratory. We want our end customers and retailers to have a no-nonsense, realistic assessment of a product’s true quality and performance.